It all started when...

Valbona, 29, is native to Staten Island, New York, and has two brothers. She was raised by her grandparents in a home that openly practiced Islam. Valbona was active in her childhood, involved in both soccer and ballet. She began experimenting with marijuana at the age of 14. Decisions that eventually led her into the grips of heroin addiction. At 27, she met Pastor John and Linda Brudermann, good friends of Henry Taliercio. During a time of desperation the Brudermann's took Valbona into their home. After long hours of prayer and consideration, Valbona then came to The Father's Heart Women's Program where she received her spiritual foundation.

Valbona returned to the "Big Apple" after completing the Women's Program where she got heavily involved with various outreach ministries. Chasing her calling in life, Valbona returned to the Father's Heart where she now serves as a Women's Program Staff Member. Valbona attended the Carson Institute of Aveda in Manhattan, NY where she became a licensed hairdresser. Valbona is engaged in the Father's Heart evangelizing team and enjoys sharing the Love of God with others.