Street Evangelism

The Father's Heart Street Ministry meets people right where they are, with the intention of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Our Street Evangelism Team goes into the streets of our communities, outdoor clubs, local bars, malls, and shopping areas where we come into contact with people from many walks of life. Some are hurting, some are broken, some are lonely, some are in times of desperation, having lost their zeal for life and the motivation to press beyond life's most greatest difficulties.

Our Street Evangelism Team offers hope to the lost and hurting by ministering God's love to others in many different ways. We approach individuals with a kind and caring demeanor while sharing personal testimonials, or simply offer a listening ear to those who need one. Many have questions, and The Father's Heart Street Evangelism Team(s) provide the answers of promise found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and within the infallible truths of God's Word. Encouragement is offered to help people understand they were created "on purpose, with a purpose." We believe that through Christ alone, they can find the ability to lead a fulfilling and purposeful life, having the full potential to achieve their God-given destiny. 

Be wise in the ways you act towards others; make the most of every opportunity
— Colossians 4:5

Our Outreach/Street Ministry also facilitates special community street events and "Block Parties" that perform dance and drama skits. We have featured evangelistic guest speakers who deliver messages proclaiming freedom, deliverance, and purpose. These events provide live music, free food, representatives from local churches, and children's activities. Street Ministry events are intended as a means of evangelism that is engaging, entertaining, and fun for the people in underprivileged communities who may typically never have such an opportunity due to circumstances in their homes and lives.

f you would like to hear more, or book our Evangelism Team at one of your outreach events, please contact Pastor Elba Ramos.