It all started when...


Ryan Woodrow is 24 years old and the oldest to siblings, Shane and Amanda. He was raised in a tight-knit family by two loving and heavily involved parents. In an attempt to "fit in", Ryan began consuming marijuana and alcohol at a young age.  These lifestyle choices began to take a turn for the worse during his freshman year at college. By the age of 21, Ryan was actively using heroin and on the verge of death. ut the Grace of God took Ryan captive and led him to Teen Challenge, Inc. It was at Teen Challenge that Ryan was consumed by the power of the Gospel and a radical transformation occurred.

Ryan completed the 14-month Teen Challenge program and graduated September 2016. Ryan has been serving the Father's Heart Ministries, Inc. at the Men's Program since October 2016. He is currently studying Business Marketing at Penn State University and looks forward to a bright future serving the kingdom of God.