Our Facility


"The Loft"

This is one of two student sleeping quarters. Rooms are fitted with ample space to store personal items. Each student is given one twin-sized bed (clean linens available), one full dresser, and a rolling wardrobe to store dress clothes. Student's do their evening devotions here and are free to hang and relax during their down time.


The Bunked Beds

This is our second sleeping quarters made available to our students. This particular room is fitted with two bunk beds (linens available). Students are given storage shelves and standing closets to store clothes away.


The Hang out

Students will gather here on Saturday evenings to watch appropriately rated films. After church outings and services, students and staff will gather here to share with one another. Free time can be spent here reading, talking with staff or another fellow student.



This newly renovated bathroom is equipped with a three sink/ three mirror vanity. Also two walk-in showers that students have access to bath regularly. Out of view are proper bathroom appliances. A student is assigned to make sure the bathroom remains clean and disinfected. It is important to the Father's Heart Ministries, that our students hygiene needs are being met.


Get Clean!

We have state of the art appliances where our students are permitted to wash/ dry their clothes on a once a week basis.


learning center

This is our Learning Center. Bible Studies, Lessons, and Group Discussions are conducted in this classroom. We also have other classrooms and lounging areas where our directors and out-of-house pastors and educators come to minister to our students. Each student is assigned a desk/ chair to spread out and focus on their work.


the gym

It's important that the physical needs of our students are not being neglected. We have multiple, universal gyms, cardio and weightlifting equipment,  dumbbells, etc.