Our Facility



Our student bedrooms are fitted with everything you or your loved one might need. Each room is equipped with a full dresser and closet space suitable for storing clothing and personal items. Bedding is available upon request.



Bedrooms can be personalized within reason. Space is available for approved pictures and moderate décor. It's important that our students have the ability to enjoy the simple comforts of home.


lets eat!

This is a sneak peak at our commercialized kitchen which is equipped with all the bells and whistles. The meals for the Women's Program, private catering, and events and banquets are prepared here, by students in the program.


Learning Center

For an allotted time each day our students are in the Learning Center. Our Learning center is fitted with everything your typical classroom would have. Our students are given the opportunity to learn, or enhance, writing skills and participate in group discussions and biblically oriented lessons. We facilitate a quite classroom environment, which grants our students the ability to practice diligence and time management.


Re-entry Home

The pictures below display the living situations for any women who are either enrolled in our phase-3 "re-entry program" or currently serving as a Women's Program staff . This is a women-only home with a significant level of accountability to ensure the safety of our staff and students.  



We have a newly upgraded and renovated kitchen where our interns and staff members are able to cook and budget their own meals, make coffee, or just simply enjoy the luxuries of their own kitchen.


The basics

The Father's Heart strives for comfort and cleanliness when it comes to our amenities. Its vital that we provide a sanitary environment for our staff.


lets get together

Here is where the interns and staff gather to pray with one another, conduct devotions and bible studies in a quaint and relaxing environment, eat meals, or watch a Friday night movie. It is essential that those in the re-entry program have the resources to be independent.



Joining the theme of independence, our interns and staff have private sleeping quarters. Rooms can be personalized within reason. Staff has full access to all amenities from the re-entry house.