It all started when...

Nick Selm was born in the Pittsburgh area in 1988 and was raised by a single mother in Murrysville, Pennsylvania. During Nick's childhood, he didn't have a positive father figure and struggled with his identity. He suffered through years of verbal and physical abuse from his mother's boyfriend which led to anger issues and substance abuse. Between the ages of 8 and 10, Nick started experimenting with tobacco and alcohol. A few years later he began to consume various illicit substances.

Nick joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of 18. During his time in the Marines, Nick struggled greatly with his alcoholism. He served 7 years with the Marines and left with an Honorable Discharge, post-traumatic stress disorder, multiple life-long body injuries, severely addicted to drugs and alcohol and little hope for a good future. For years Nick was a self-proclaimed atheist who mocked God and the Bible, but God began to draw Nick to salvation through an unmistakable experience. Nick began to pray to God and pursue the true meaning of life. He then had a supernatural encounter, and was completely delivered of all his addiction.

Nick's life is surrendered to Jesus Christ and devoted to helping others experience the love that saved his life. Nick is heavily involved in the Father's Heart Ministries. He serves the youth in our Kingdom Kids ministry, participates in many of our annual Drama Productions, and is currently serving as a Staff Member at the Father's Heart Men's Program.