Our Current Projects

The Father's Heart Ministries, Inc., is constantly looking for ways we can upgrade our facilities to further accommodate our staff, students, and their families. The majority of our materials, funding, and labor is provided by the supporters of the Father's Heart Ministries, Inc. which provides you with a great tax write-off opportunity. The students in turn, are given the opportunity to get involved in the renovations, which develops good character, work-ethic, and a "work as a team" mindset.

This is made possible because of you.


The Learning center

The Learning Center is a key component of the Men's Program and plays a vital role in our curriculum. We believe that the environment where our students spend the majority of their learning and studying is vital to their ability to be diligent and studious. A quiet and state of the art facility will help make this possible. We are currently in the process of installing a new tile floor, and shifting the layout of the classroom. 

what we need

  • Desktop Computers (monitor, keyboard, mouse(s)) 
  • Student Supplies (notebooks, binders, pens, backpacks, etc.)
  • 50" TV for streaming sermons and lessons


Our bathrooms

The Father's Heart Ministries, Inc. is currently in the process of renovating our men and women's bathrooms. These are to further accommodate the students, families, and guests of this ministry. These bathrooms are to primarily serve the families that visit with their loved ones on our family visit-days, and guest speakers and teachers that frequent our classrooms. Our bathrooms are currently dated, and in need of a transformation. 

what we need

  • electrical equipment 
  • tile flooring 
  • dry wall materials
  • drop ceiling materials 
  • bathroom partitions 
  • vanities and mirrors 

exterior landscaping

Though we are entering the winter season, it is never too early to begin thinking about the exterior care of our campus's. Both locations are manicured seasonally by our staff and students and we are always 

what we need

  • 10 cubic yards of mulch 
  • shrubs, plants, flowers 

Miscellaneous needs

  • New Boiler System
  • Plumbing Materials
  • Drywall Materials
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Freezer(s)
  • Paint Materials