It all started when...

Georgette, 39 and sibling to two sisters, was born and raised in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Georgette’s parents divorced at a young age and she was raised by her mother. Growing up Georgette attended church regularly, played sports, and was very involved in school. At the age of 15, Georgette began smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol. By the age of 18, Georgette gave birth to her first daughter, was homeless, and actively using heroin, cocaine, and crystal meth. During that time, she was raped, beaten, tormented, and attempted suicide on numerous occasions. Georgette lost everything to addiction. But God never stopped pursuing her. After a series of traumatic events, Georgette found herself at the Walter Hoving Home in New York, where the Love of God took Georgette captive.

After completing the program, Georgette joined the Emerging Leaders Program through Teen Challenge which led her to The Father’s Heart Ministries, Inc. Georgette now serves as a volunteer staff member at the Father’s Heart Women’s Program where she founded the “Freedom Choir.” Georgette is also involved in many community outreach programs and street ministries. She spends some of her free time teaching at a men’s program called “The Genesis House.” Georgette also serves on the worship team at Bible Alliance Church. Most importantly, Georgette is now a faithful woman of God, a daughter, a mother, and a wife.