It all started when...

Earnest Cox, 53, was born and raised in New Jersey by his two parents. Growing up, Earnest and his brothers were very involved in church. However, his childhood consisted much of alcoholism and abuse in the family. He had never experienced nor understood, what it meant to be loved. This toxic upbringing led Earnest down a path and into the grips of substance abuse. His chemical dependent lifestyle went on for roughly 25 years, ntil the grace, and love, of God got ahold of him. Earnest entered Brooklyn Teen Challenge men's residential program where he found healing and restoration.

Earnest went on to enter, and later graduate the Brooklyn Teen Challenge School of Ministry. Earnest is a Certified Recovery Coach through the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery. Today, Earnest is heavily involved in community outreach and serves on the Father's Heart Men's Program Staff overseeing the Learning Center.