The core mission of Father’s Heart Ministries is to provide authentic help to both families and individuals struggling with life-controlling problems and addiction in order that they may experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ to set them free; living their lives for the glory of God as healthy, productive members of society.

The Father's Heart utilizes the expertise of our staff who have developed their skills through many years of experience and training. We as team conduct several ministry programs that support our core mission areas. 

We offer a 12 month residential Men and Women's Addictions Recovery Programs, Community Outreach, Street Evangelism, Christian Counseling, Outreach Training, and much more. The Father’s Heart Ministries Inc. is an independent, 501 (c)3 non-profit establishment which is not affiliated with, nor governed by, a denominational organization. We do not receive any government funding and 90% of the annual operating budget is provided by individual donors. 


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